A bit of a rant

Hi guys, it’s me.  I have had a few things on my mind, and seeing as how I’ve been looking for things to write about, and I just want the practice writing, I decided to do a little venting.  No one really needs to read it, but I had to write it.  I think I will do this a lot, actually, so I made a category for my rants.  Maybe getting these things off of my chest on here will help my personal relationships a little, in that my friends won’t get tired of listening to me complain so much.  I’m very out of practice in writing, so there is really little talent demonstrated, just a lot of opinions.  So, I guess, enjoy?

To the person driving around after sunset without your headlights on: Turn on your headlights.  You have a nice SUV, and the color is beautiful.  But in this light, you look just like asphalt and that makes you invisible.  You are an idiot.

To the customer that unfolds every shirt on the table and throws them back down: someone has to fold them all back up.  When you ask for help and the associate seems flustered and acts like they are too busy to help you, consider how much work you have created since you walked in and ask yourself if maybe you could have contributed to the worker’s frustration.

A note to shoppers everywhere: behave in a store the way you would behave in someone else’s home, or the way you would expect others to behave in your home.  If you knock it over, pick it up.  If you pick it up to look at it, put it back where you found it.  If you drop your tissue on the floor, pick it up.  If your kid pulls it down and rolls around in it, clean it up.  If you need help doing any of this, ask.  If you don’t think any of this sounds reasonable, work in retail for a year.  Appreciate the people who are there to help you.  If fewer customers were inconsiderate jerks, more retail associates would be perfectly pleasant and super helpful.  When taken for granted and treated like dirt, sales associates will reciprocate by not having the time or ability to help anyone.  They can’t even help it.

(This one is a little gross.)

To the grown woman (or women) that feel like it is necessary to smear (bodily substance) on the wall/door/toilet paper dispenser in the ladies room (specifically in the lounge bathroom where I work): what is wrong with you?  Did you run out of toilet paper and decide to clean up with your hand, and then follow up by wiping it all over the walls?  Did you accidentally get (substance) on your hand while cleaning up, and then forget that there is a whole roll of toilet paper available to clean your hand with?  Did you just get bored and decide to start finger painting with the first available medium?  Just stop, already!  I can understand having an accident, but come on.  Use the toilet paper!  I know it’s not a kid because you have to be 16 to work here, and it’s eye level for me, which would be impossible for a toddler.

(Another unsavory one.)

To the women who urinate all over the toilet seat/floor/your shoes (because how could you not get it on your shoes too): There is paper in the stall.  Wipe down the seat if it’s wet.  Cover the seat with a cover or toilet paper.  Hovering is not an effective technique for using the restroom.  Sit down.  If, for whatever reason your various neuroses require, you do happen to “sprinkle when you tinkle”, then for the love of all that’s sacred, please “be a sweetie, wipe the seatie”.  Again, there is a whole roll (sometimes two) available for cleaning up.  *Bonus tip: wiping the seat before sitting assures that you know there is paper before it is too late to turn back.  If someone came to your house and peed all over your floor, would you not prefer they wiped it up themselves instead of leaving it for you?  Behave that way in public.  Consider others.

To those who do not consider others: Consider others.

To those who enter through the exit, and the other way around: I wouldn’t really mind, but it drives my husband crazy.  If you have to go through the opposite door, do it quickly and to one side.  Don’t take up the whole doorway like you own it, because he will run you over with his cart, and I can’t stop him.  Traffic really does flow more efficiently when you use the appropriate door.  In stores, the exit is usually closest to the registers, with the entrance further.  This is so that those leaving do not interfere with those entering, and vice versa.  Trust me, once you’ve spent  an hour and a half shopping in a crowded department store, then spent fifteen minutes standing in line, and ten minutes waiting for a price check, you won’t want anyone getting between you and the door either.  Just consider others.  If it’s pouring rain, we’ll make an exception.

To the person who drives the opposite way down the aisle of the parking lot: You are an idiot.  Stop it.

To the girl in the break room: Turn off the music or get headphones, no one wants to listen to your gangster rap on their break.  Also, stop gossiping to your bestie on the phone, and swearing, and being extremely loud.  No one is amused.  We would like to have conversations also.  Keep it up, and I will talk to management about your language.  I’m passive aggressive like that.  Consider others.

To the girl that takes a billion “selfies” with and without your small child(ren) and posts them on Facebook daily: Please don’t.  It isn’t that I mind, but I think that you should spend more time enjoying your children.  Take up a hobby.  Blog.  Teach your kids a skill.  Bond.  Take up photography and learn to appreciate your surroundings.  Change the focus.  Take in the world, be part of the world.  Photograph your kids in creative ways, doing amazing things, exploring and learning.  Enrich your lives.  You’ll be glad you did.  In a few years, you’re going to wonder why you have so many pictures of nothing but your own face.

To people who leave animals out in the freezing cold/sweltering heat: Would you like it if it were you out there?  Well, your dog doesn’t.  And your dog really trusts you to take care of him.  And he loves you more than that and would never treat you that way.  Please stop.

To the kid walking down the street: When a car comes, move to the side of the road.  Better yet, just stay out of the middle of the road.

To the parents who let their kids do whatever they want: Stop it.  You are an idiot.  And you are teaching your kids to be idiots by example.  Set boundaries.  Set expectations.  Put your foot down.  You are the parent.  They want limits.  Trust me on this.  They’ll respect you more for it.  A child with boundaries, expectations and limits will not yell at their parents, call them names, or get into physical fights with them.  If your kids are doing these things, it is your fault, not theirs.  Get your act together.  Ask for help if you need to.

I think what this all boils down to is this: Consider others.  Ask for help if you need it.  No one is perfect, but if someone is struggling, most people would help if asked.  When you stop considering the needs and feelings of others, they do not feel appreciated and will treat you the way they are treated, like dirt.  No one is entitled to anything.  We all depend on the kindness of others.  Think about it.  Almost everything you have came from someone else.  You probably bought it, but there was always someone else involved.  Someone to create it, to build it, to sell it, to deliver it, to prepare it, to educate you on using it.  Show appreciation, be gracious, be enthusiastic in your dealings with others.  They are all doing their part so that you can have what you need.  Consider that the next time you have to return something that was defective.  It wasn’t the fault of the lady at the return counter.  She wants to help you, but she has to follow the policies put in place to protect her company from fraud.  There are millions of people out there trying to rip off retailers, and they have to protect themselves.  Save your receipts.  Accept an exchange if you have to.  Remember that we are all human and we all have a job to do.

Be kind.  Be considerate.  Be conscientious of the effects of your actions.  Be aware of what is going on around you.  (That one is for the person pushing the shopping cart in one direction while looking in another direction.  And the one taking up the whole aisle in a busy grocery store.)  Get off your phone.