It has been a week now since I started the Adderall. Today was the first day that I really crashed when it began to wear off. By about 3:30, I was feeling very sleepy. I put the baby down for her nap, then went and took a nap myself. Since I didn’t turn my phone off, I was disturbed several times, but passed right back out each time. Unfortunately, my husband woke me up around 4:00 to go to an appointment we had. Since he left his wallet at work, I had to drive. In the snow. While that wasn’t exactly an awesome time, I was more than alert enough that I was able to do it. I was just really sad that I had to get up and leave in the cold. I should sleep very well tonight.

I talked to someone who is taking the slow-release Adderall. I don’t know exactly why my doctor chose to put me on the instant-release. I would guess that it’s because of how sensitive I’ve been to other medications in the past. She probably wants to let me work my way up to a level that will work best for me. I seem to have a really good day up until my husband comes home. After that, I’m back to the old, addle-brained, frustrated wife he knows and loves. My only consolation is that he can look at the house and see that the medicine did its job while he was away, even if he doesn’t get to see me in action, so to speak.

In my reading, I’m finding other aspects of my life and marriage that could be affected by my distractibility, and I’m looking forward to finding out if that is the case. I’m hoping for some positive results. It truly is remarkable how very multi-faceted the impact of ADHD can be. The book I’m reading now is very easy to read and has shed light on so many areas of my life and helped me understand myself so much better. It is called Driven to Distraction, and it’s written by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., and John J. Ratey, M.D. I strongly recommend it. The main author has the condition himself, so the writing is not highly sterile and dry. There is a lot of description and dialog, which makes it so much easier to relate to.

On another note, I talked to my dad last night. It was the first time I have spoken with him since I found out about the ADHD. He said that when I was about three, that they had taken me completely off of sugar. Apparently I was drinking a whole jug of tea or more a day, and as a result, I was a pretty wild child. Sounds like good times to me.


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