A bit about our full house!

Okay, so I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. It’s not that life is too busy or hectic, I mean it usually is, but my problem lays more in motivation. In other words, I’m lazy. Come on, you know it, I know it, it’s a sad fact of life. But do you know what doesn’t help someone who is inherently lazy? Becoming pregnant and then being surrounded by loved ones who want to help take the load off of your shoulders.

Yep, I’m pregnant again! I wanted to blog about it when I first discovered it, but life became a bit more complicated than usual.

You see, I read on a message board that these hopeful mommies-to-be were testing as few as nine days after ovulation and getting results. So about nine days after I ovulated back in April, I took a test. It seemed negative enough, so I spent the rest of my day off working in the yard. I also went for a walk/jog/run with the dogs. I think what did it was the wet bag of sand that I lifted and moved. By the end of the day, I was a little sore and tired, but feeling none the worse for wear. The next day was spent on my feet at work conducting a new associate orientation. The day after that, it hurt to get out of bed. It hurt to breathe. It hurt to sit, stand, sneeze… I had really hurt my back! The next day I didn’t even manage to get to work. Here I am six weeks later and my back is still not all better yet.

But going back to the day that I took the test and presumably did myself in. By the time my dear husband got home from work, there was a line on the pregnancy test. I was skeptical at first, knowing that you are not supposed to trust those things after the initial ten minutes. So I tested again, maybe three more times, on the days that followed. Not only was I crippled with painful spasms in my back, but I was also pregnant!

Being an old pro at the pregnancy thing by now, I knew that being pregnant meant that all the joints and ligaments in my body were loosening up, and that the back thing would probably be around for a while. I was feeling pretty good when I saw my doctor, so I didn’t even mention it. Maybe I’ll bring it up at the next appointment.

In the meantime, my mom has flown in to help with the kids for the summer. We drove 13 hours to pick the kids up and 13 hours back. (Not great for my back, but I coped.) The first day here, we took them to the Renaissance Festival. They–okay, we–had a blast!

We haven’t done much else since they got here. I forgot to mention that we had our kitchen remodeled. That took most of April and May. Or was it March and April? I can’t remember. But the new kitchen is awesome! We also adopted two golden retrievers around the first of April. Ruby and Rosie are 4-year-old sisters who were bought from a breeder, so they’re pure-bred. Their previous owner came across some tough times, and all his kids grew up and moved out, so he couldn’t care for them any more. They’re wonderful! Except for the fact that my daughter and I seem to be a little allergic to them. I cope just fine, but it’s difficult to convince a 9-year-old girl that you cant bury your face in the dogs’ coats or pet them them touch your face. Getting her to wash her hands is a struggle, and she presents with pink, itchy nose and watery eyes, complaining that she has allergies. Her bedding is in the laundry as I type, since the dogs spent the night in her bed on an occasion or two. She’ll figure it out.

So last week we finally told the kids we are expecting. It was a tough choice after losing the last pregnancy at eleven weeks. But the kids were kind of catching on. They’re too smart for us sometimes. So when my daughter asked for the 100th time if I was pregnant, my husband suggested I take a test. I asked my daughter if she could find a test in the bathroom, and she did. So I took the test and it was positive. They think my next appointment is my first appointment, and for now, at least my daughter is convinced. My son, twelve, is pretty sure we knew already.

Now I’m almost ten weeks along, and our appointment is around 13 weeks. The week before will be spent traveling to see my in-laws, a trip that will no doubt result in the big reveal that we are expecting again, and with a little better outlook this time, assuming the next few weeks go well.

So back to the lazy thing. Being lazy is one thing, but being enabled is a little annoying. A little. I admit it is nice to be able to sit in my new recliner and have food, drinks, remotes, medicine, anything I need brought to me. My husband started taking over litter box duty shortly after we were sure we had conceived way back during ovulation week. He’s the greatest! Now that the kids are here, they have been a great help, taking turns with things like litter boxes, feeding animals, helping with laundry and dishes. My mom has been great too, and I think my husband already has plans to move her in permanently after we get a bigger house (which will be necessary after the baby comes).

And then there’s the thing with the kids. To be safe, I won’t talk too much about the details on here, but we are hoping to have them come live with us permanently here soon as well. I told my husband yesterday that it might be time to start actively looking for our next, bigger house soon. It doesn’t help that we took on a stray pit bull a few days ago. He has a microchip, but we are having difficulty finding his owner. By the looks of the bottoms of his poor paws, he’s been trucking for some time now. But he is the sweetest dog I think I’ve ever seen. He’s calm, about five years old, and just seems to want to be someone’s friend. Unfortunately, he’s been stuck in the back yard (with access to the garage for shelter) but has not been allowed into the house just yet. I think he’ll be fine, but I, for one, want to make sure he is completely parasite free before letting him in. He didn’t try to go after the cats at the vet’s office, so he might do alright with ours. We may have to find out. It’s been three days and we still have him. 

So, queasiness and stiff back aside, life is looking pretty good right now. All I have to do is make sure that Hubby feels appreciated and doesn’t get overwhelmed with everyone. This weekend is Father’s Day, so I think we will give him a day off. On that note, I need to get off my rear end and start getting this house clean, since it’s my day off.

Thanks for listening!