Silly bits

So I was sitting on the couch, computer in my lap as I typed, Jubilee sitting on my shins while my feet were propped on the coffee table. Something needed to be done, I don’t remember what.

“Honey could you get up and do it? I’m a little buried.”

“No you’re not,” my husband said. “You’re Jubileed.” And he started laughing.

“Jubileed?” I had no idea why that was so funny.

“Now if Berry was on you, I would understand.”

Blank look.

“Then you would be Berried.” His laughing took on a higher pitch.

“Berried?!” Now I was in on the joke, and I giggled too.

He got up and took care of whatever it was. He came back and Loki jumped up on him. I made a comment about him being Lokied, but it wasn’t as funny. It didn’t matter, we were still laughing about getting Berried. “Look, here comes Ribbit. Don’t get Ribbetted, that would be Ribbetting!”

We are so very easily amused. Loki moved to the back of the other sofa, keeping her distance from us loony humans. That’s when Berry arrived. He jumped up next to Loki, then plopped down right on top of her.

My husband and I couldn’t help it.

“Now Loki’s Berried!”

It was the next day when I realized that Kayn was the only one that hadn’t joined the fun. Which is probably a good thing.


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