Flipping the birdy bits

As a rule, I remain fairly passive-aggressive.  I hate confrontation and avoid it when possible.  I get angry.  Anyone who knows me can tell you, I get very angry.  But the person I’m angriest at usually only gets a cold shoulder, at worst.  Unless it’s my husband or children, they’re the lucky ones that catch the worst of my wrath.  (We only hurt the ones we love, right?)

But something changes when I’m behind the wheel.

We have all been there.  In our cars, we are invincible.  I can yell and swear as much as I want, and no one ever hears me.  No one’s feelings are hurt.  But usually, that’s as bad as it gets.  I fume for a while, then I get to where I’m going and forget all about it.


When someone endangers my life, my husband’s life, and $35,000 worth of our property, however, I have to draw the line.  I go for the big guns.  I will flip a mother effer off!

In this case, the offender got both barrels.  I mean, what is so wrong with me trying to drive in my lane?  When you are next to me one second, and on top of me the next, I expect dinner first.  I mean, I’m a lady, for crying out loud.  Respect my boundaries, or experience the wrath of the birds.

For crying out loud.


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