A bit of a rant

Hi guys, it’s me.  I have had a few things on my mind, and seeing as how I’ve been looking for things to write about, and I just want the practice writing, I decided to do a little venting.  No one really needs to read it, but I had to write it.  I think I […]

End of the week bits

So after an okay day at work, which was the end of an altogether horrific week on a personal level, and looking forward to a couple of days off, I left work ready for the weekend.  Okay, it was already Saturday, but since I would be off the following two days, it was just like […]

Lets start here

I’ve always been a writer.  I can remember writing a poem about a dog in the third grade that won some type of poetry contest, a story in fourth grade that took ordinary and made it extraordinary, and there were several more poems and short stories all through junior high, high school, and into my […]